driving on suspended in tn for first timewhat happens in court when you get caught driving on suspended for the first time in tn

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It really depends on the state, and the particular circumstances of the case what happens if you get caught with a suspended license. In general, it's best not to risk it. You can often get the suspension extended or get your license revoked for good.
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Depending on if you have any other legal history with the state, especially in terms of a negligent driving record, or a habitual offender type status, then many times people will face a suspended sentence, probation, a fine and community service in these situations.  Not knowing all the details of your situation, and not being an attorney in Tennessee, make sure you consult with one.

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Driving while revoked or suspended in the state of Tennessee is considered a Class E felony.  In the State of Tennessee punishment for a Class E Felony is not less than 1 year and not more than 6 years in prison, the jury may also impose a fine of up to three thousand dollars. This is the information I was able to find, you should probably consult with a Tennessee Attorney.

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I think it will depend on what the cause of the suspension is. If it is DWI related within the last 10 years then jail is a very likely outcome. Otherwise it would probably be some combination of a fine and schooling, though jail is technically a possibility.