Explain te following statement in light of the spirituality offered in "An Extraordinary Dinner that Changed My Life.""Dreams do come true.It's only we who refuse to see the dream coming true."

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mishra's article speaks to the power of spirituality in our daily lives.  In the article, the speaker is convinced of a dinner date with God.  He readies himself at the prescribed time and waits for God to arrive.  Instead of God arriving, the speaker's uncle arrives and they share dinner.  In the conversation that the speaker reveals to us, the speaker indicates to his uncle that he wishes to not have a non- vegetarian dish on this night because of the assumed presence of God arriving.  The uncle responds that "But if you think it's wrong, you shouldn't have it at all. Why turn vegetarian on a particular day?"

Dinner is shared and God does not arrive.  When the speaker goes home and tells his father of both his hope and the dashing of it at the hands of his uncle, the father speaks about the nature of spirituality and our dreams towards it:

It's good to see God in your dreams. Dreams do come true. It's only we who refuse to see the dream coming true as it happened in your case. You have been waiting for God with all your five senses alert. But to feel the presence of God, you need to invoke your sixth sense. If only you'd used your sixth sense, you would've realised that you did in fact have dinner with God only, He appeared in the form of your uncle.

It is here where I think that the idea of human beings being a condition to "refuse to see the dream" becomes relevant.  The idea present here is that the dreams of the divine in the realm of the spiritual do not have to merely remain there.  If we are able to utilize the ethical and moral imagination required by our "sixth sense," we can recognize the fulfillment of these dreams in our daily lives.  It is not a clear and absolute condition that will be satiated by the tangible.  The idea of embracing that which might not be entirely quantifiable is where spiritual dreams can be recognized, and where individuals can fully understand what the purpose oriented existence encompasses.  It is here where the father's words become the most telling in that there is a realm where dreams can be recognized and do come true and where God's presence is felt.  This condition of spirituality is one in which individuals direct their energies to be open to the divine and receive it in as many forms as possible without attachment or judgment.

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