Draw condensed structural formula to illustrate production of chloroethane from ethane.

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Chloroethane, or monochloroethane, is commonly known by it's old name, ethyl chloride.  The chemical formula for chloroethane is C2H5Cl (subscripts).  Chloroethane was once used widely in producing tetraethyllead, a gasoline additive.  Chloroethane is colorless, flammable, can be a gas or refrigerated liquid, and has a slightly seet odor.  The equation for the production of chloroethane is shown below:

C2H4 + HCl (subscripts) ---> C2H5Cl (subscripts)

The condensed formula would be:

  H    H                                   H   Cl                                      

  C = C    +   H-Cl   ---->   H - C - C - H

  H    H                                   H   H

Chloroethane is currently being phased out of use in gasoline production.  In most industrial gasoline production, demand for chloroethan has fallen sharply.  Other uses are as a refrigerant, aerosol spray propellant, anesthetic, and a blowing agent for foam packaging.