Draw a comparison between the reign of Cromwell and that of Charles II.

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Although Cromwell had abolished the monarchy and had King Charles I executed, as so-called Lord Protector he achieved a level of power that made him a king in all but name. Indeed at one point he seriously considered having himself crowned as king, but thought better of it. Cromwell had come to see himself as chosen by God to lead the country, and that he, and he alone, had what it took to bring much-needed stability to a nation still riven by deep religious and political divisions.

As such, Cromwell became isolated from both his fellow countrymen and from many of the Parliamentarians who had fought alongside him against King Charles I during the Civil Wars. Cromwell's divine sense of mission led to conflicts with Parliament strangely reminiscent of those that had taken place under Charles I. Eventually, Cromwell angrily dissolved the so-called Rump Parliament in what was effectively a military coup. It is ironic indeed that someone who fought so valiantly for the rights of Parliament...

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