The drama Villa for Sale shows how Gaston outwits women in the drama. CommentThe drama is Villa for Sale by Sacha Guitry.

bethmi1997 | Student

Literature is a means of analyzing things in a way beyond the surface view. 'Villa for Sale' by Sacha Guirty is such a literal work, points the truth of human behaviour in a spell bimding manner.Through this the writer has succeeded to highlight how one man outsmarts three women.

The scene starts with Juliette, the owner of a villa worrying on the villa which is now for sale. Here Jeane emerges with his husband, Gaston in the aim buying the villa anyhow; but Gaston, the key character who plays the most  significant role in oursmarting three women Juliette, Jeane and Mrs. Al Smith acts in three different waystowards these three characters in a self concious manner. Mrs. Al Smith, a rich star appears in the latter part of the drama is also dramatically cheated by him.

Julietta, a money minded lady is pretentious seems to be in the mind of selling the villa to Jeane and Gaston in the most treacherous way she knew. Gaston who refuse to buy it from the begining critisizes on it and condemns it.                                                                                       "They call that's a garden! Why, it's a yard of patch of grass in the middle"                                                                                        Though he keeps on his above opinion his turning point appears with the arrival of Mrs. Al Smith.

Mrs. Al Smith, an American tries to deal with Gaston thinking that he's the owner of the villa. Gaston taking his chance pretends in the most appropriate way he could to take his maximum benifit from the situation. Here on he cheats Mrs. Al Smith and finally becomes able to sell for twise its real price. Thus he tells to himself "Since you are a dear bought, I love you dear"

His hidden change of mind impacts the other two ladies too. Ultimately he becomes so keen on the villa shows that he's impressed on the state of villa which makes both the ladies to come to a histerical state. The following context evidently expresses it. "It's all very important. A bathroom with a bath in it. Bedrooms, two large..."

He who easily deals with Juliette does not leave a speak of suspision over the guilt he had made and even be able to ask for a piece of art work which he shows that he's so interested to cheat the villa owner more and more.                                                           "It's not a question of value" says Juliette, thus making herself more impressed on her customer. 

Finally Gaston outsmatrs his dearest wife even without  letting her know the illeral work he has done.                                          "Just trying to please you, darling" he remarks even forgetting his sarcastic ideas towards her. Jeane is panic strcken and is cheated to the end to think that she is the new owner of the villa.

Thus it is comprehensive that with a graet economy of words and experience Sacha Guitry frames the drama highlighting the way a man outsmarts three women. So it is indicative that this piece of work has become a key resource to define the true human behaviour which is made to humour by everybody.                                                                   

psvindy | Student

In my point of view - the whole drama itself is a satire (wrote with one intention, to ridicule a person in the form of a poem or a play). Here Gaston is a witty character and throughout the drama he does not agree with Jeanne thinking that this villa is impossible. His words are short but very thoughtful. He is extremely witty and clever in his replies.

"On the principle of people who like children and haven't any can always go live near a school"

As the summary we can conclude that the use of a character like Gaston enhanced the thoughts of the writer thus helping the reader visualize what the real story is about.

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