Drama TherapyI believe that some people work better when they express themselves through acting, singing, or playing instruments rather than just talking.  

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sanjeetmanna eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Drama therapy doesn't work with chronic diseases but yes it do help...

let me tell a shor story...

It was dark night and one patient came running to a doctor's house, he was banging the door very hard.

Doctor opened the door and said what happen why are you banging the door.

Patient said i am have severe stomach pain.

Doctor said i am closed come tomorrow and the clinic is also closed.

Patient was begging to help him.

Doctor said fine i will give you a capsule you have this before sleeping and you will be fine.

Patient was very happy he had the capsule and slept, in the morning he was feeling very good. He came to doctors house to thank him...

Thank you so much for the help i was dying with pain and you helped me.

Doctor said i didn't do anything...

Patient said what do you mean, you gave me the medicine and what i know is you the best doctor in the whole town.

Doctor said it was dark night so you didn't notice what i gave to you, it was a sugar capsule i use it for my coffee and this was the only capsule left in my blazer.

Patient said how is it possible but i am feeling fine.

doctor said i just played a drama and made you beleive that the capsule what i am giving to you is the life saving capsule for your pain, you beleived it and got cured.

Moral from the story drama therapy might not be the best one but if you do have faith and beleive in the medicine and the doctor then you will get well soon.

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This can be very true.  For people who have trouble finding the words to express themselves, music and other arts can be particularly helpful.  It can be easier to express oneself in ways other than verbally formulating words.  Often we can connect and communicate through art in ways we are unable to do through conversation.