in the drama riders to the sea how is the language different from what we use today

unknowngirl08 | Student

The language of the Aran Islanders has a poetic quality which is achieved mainly by the use of certain linguistic structures,present participles and short sentences like 'He is riding the mare...', 'She is lying down,God hepl her...'. The use of 'ing' gives a lilting rhythm to the speech of the Islanders. Moreover, the dramatist also uses disjunctive speech which adds a rhythmic pattern to their language. For example, 'They're all gone now,and there isn't anything more the sea can do to me....I'll have no call...'. 

                                So when the language of these local people has a poetic touch to their language, the language which we use today is more prosaic in form. The linguistic pattern is different, it lacks the rhythmic flow of the speech of the Aran Islanders.