The drabness of Paul’s home life is contrasted with the world of glamour, lights, music, color, and luxury at Carnegie Hall and the stock theatre, and later in New York and Europe. Indicate three reasons why Paul is unhappy at home. Be specific.

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Paul loves glamor, beauty, and wealth, as well as top-quality items. He loves his job as an usher at Carnegie Hall because he gets to wear a handsome uniform that fits properly and is not worn down at the edges. He loves the beauty and glamor of the concert hall and the people in it.

In contrast, he hates his home because his house is tacky and ugly. For example, he describes his bedroom as follows, with

its horrible yellow wall-paper, the creaking bureau with the greasy plush collar box and over his painted wooden bed the pictures of George Washington and John Calvin, and the framed motto, "Feed my Lambs," which had been worked in red worsted by his mother.

All of this is second-rate, cheap, and tawdry to Paul (and probably to us too). It lacks any flare or originality.

He dislikes his street as well. We learn that he

never went up Cordelia Street without a shudder of loathing. His home was next to the house of the Cumberland minister. He approached it to-night with the nerveless sense of...

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