Dr. King's Interconnected World:  https://nyti.ms/2DyHR5eF.B.I. Director Wants to Move Forward: https://nyti.ms/2pgDKI8If This is America: https://nyti.ms/2p8OMyU These are the links.  I am...

Dr. King's Interconnected World:  https://nyti.ms/2DyHR5e

F.B.I. Director Wants to Move Forward: https://nyti.ms/2pgDKI8

If This is America: https://nyti.ms/2p8OMyU

These are the links.  I am suppose to read the links and answer the following question for my History/social studies homework please help.

Please provide a summary for each of the three links.

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I will summarize the main points of the three articles you have provided. This should allow you to apply the main points to your community. In the first article about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the author is trying to convey how issues are really connected to each other. For example, the author believes that the battles that environmentalists were fighting were similar to the fight for equality for all people. The author is also trying to show that many of the concerns that King had fifty years ago still exist today. King was fighting against economic inequality and racial antagonism. The author believes those issues are alive and well today. The author believes that King may have been ahead of his time by saying that we need to fight these issues. The fact that the author believes these issues exist today is proof of his point.

In the article about the FBI, the authors are saying that the President is making the job of the director of the organization more difficult. When the President makes negative comments about the organization, the FBI agents begin to wonder if their director really will support them. The director, Christopher Wary, has tried to steer clear of any political action. However, if the President continues to attack the integrity of the FBI, the FBI agents will want to know where their director really stands. This could create a showdown between the FBI director and the President.

The third article is based on a Rudyard Kipling poem titled “If.” The article is a condemnation of President Trump’s first year in office. The author argues that the President is ruining the United States with his words, actions, and policies. The author believes the President must be stopped. He believes that this will not be an easy task. However, according to the author, it is a task that must be undertaken.