is double personality a theme of the story The Fly in the Ointment?

arisha14 | Student
Yes, double personality is a theme of the story. It is like a person possessing two characters and when they are in the next state or character, they don't know about their previous stage. The person Harold's father had been all this time was the person he was when Harold came to him and consoled him. He tried to lock up his true, inner feelings in his heart and could only show glimpse of his sorrow and regret. In the end, when. He knew those sorrows could not be hidden anymore, there was an outburst where he bluats out everything that he did not share with anyone and had kept it as a secret in his heart. This contrast with the theme 'double personality' with the actions and speech of the father. Hence proving double personality a theme of this story.
angel786 | Student