I don't understand why Suggie is so fascinated with Selina.

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I think Suggie sees Selina as an opportunity to help Selina discover who she is. Suggie knows how hard it is to be a black woman in a white, male-dominated society, and she sees how shy and frightened Selina is when she arrives from Barbados. She understands that Selina needs a friend and, even though Suggie is older, decides to become a mentor to her. Suggie's life as a prostitute probably isn't what she had plannned when she was Selina's age, and Suggie feels she can help Selina by giving her insight, strength, and the power of passion in Selina's process of self-discovery. She sees a little of herself in Selina and wishes someone had been there to help her perhaps.

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I think Suggie sees in Selina the freshness and innocence of youth. Suggie knows she has lived a hard life which started before she left Barbados. She sees in Selina what might have been for her but she cannot turn back the clock. I do not see that her role is to corrupt Selina.

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maybe....or is it that suggie realises that selina is some what inexperience of the many aspects of life especially where sexuality is concerned and want to educated her about this through her own eyes or from her perspective. suggie embraces selina along with her childhood behaviour through friendship, advice and advocation of lady like behaviours; allowing selina to drink rum.