What is the theme of Anne of Green Gables?  I don't understand what the theme in Anne of Green Gables is. Does it have something to do with her imaginiation?

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parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You could draw several themes from the story, but one could be that life's best gifts are often not the things we plan or expect but come as complete surprises.  This was certainly true of Anne, who was the best thing that ever happened to her adoptive family, so set on having a boy.

You could formulate another theme around the gender issue, but this is not necessarily the crux of the story. Anne's imagination, her generosity of spirit, her ability to transcend the commonplace all take a greater place in the story than a simple tale of the battle of the sexes. Perhaps the message is the age-old adage: "Bloom where you're planted." Anne certainly did.

ebuckingham-5703 | Student

Lucy Maud Montgomery, the author of Anne of Green Gables had a lonely childhood. Much like Anne, her mother died young and Lucy was sent to live with an older couple. Perhaps Anne's Marilla and Mathew are reflections of Lucy's own experiences as she spent much of her childhood in the home of her maternal grand parents.

The imaginary world found a home in the poetic prose which occurs throughout Anne of Green Gables. This world was a solace to Anne as she set forth on the path towards adulthood without parents to guide her. In the beginning of the novel we see Anne retreating to this world whenever opportunity affords her. As the novel progresses Anne continues to enjoy the imaginary world but retreats there less often as she also finds love and comfort in Marilla and Mathew's loving home, her "bosom" friendship with Diana and the supportive Avonlea community.

Imagination definitely contributes to the coming of age theme in this story. In the beginning Anne is introduced to us as a pre-adolescent who is very unsure of where she is going or how her life will turn out. By the end of the story she is discovering her purpose and her adult path.