I don't understand my maths homework. Jack spends 15% of his pocket money on sweets 35% on magazines. He saves the rest. Work out how much he spends and saves each week. Sweets Magazines Savings

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jack's spending: (per week)

Sweets: 15%

Magazines: 35%

Total spendings =15% + 35% = 50%

Savings = 100%-50% = 50%

i.e., Every week, Jack spends 15% on sweets, 35% on Magazines and remaining 50%, goes into savings.

So, if the weekly pocket of Jack is $100, he spends $15 on sweets, $35 on Magazines and saves the rest $50.

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balajia | Student

Let Jack has $100.

Spendings on sweets =$15

Spendings on Magazines = $35

ans total spendings =$15+$35=$50

Savings=Total money-total spendings

          = $100-$50


Nolan McShea | Student

100% is the whole.

So, from your question, Jack spends 35% on magazines. So, that is 35% out of 100%. Jack spends 15% on sweets, so that is 15% out of 100%. So, with that, the total percentage of money he spends on both sweets AND magazines would be 15% + 35% = 50%.

So, be spends 50% of his money on those things.

Next, we have to find how much money he saved. Remember that the whole amount of money he has is 100%. He spent 50% of that 100%, so all that is left is 50%. 100% - 50% = 50%.

Therefore, he saved 50%.

Let's look at this a different way in case you don't understand.

Let's say that Jack has $10. $10 is all of bis pocket money, so that is 100%. If he spends 35% of that money, or $3.50 of that money on magazines and 15%, or $1.50 for sweets, then he spend $5 in all. If we do $10, the starting amount of money he had, and subtract what he spent out of that, $5, we get $5 left.

Hope I helped!