I don't quite understand. How would you explain the two type of conflict?  The two types are internal and external.

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Think about the conflicts in your own life for a minute.  Have you ever had an argument with one of your parents?  That is an external conflict, with another person.  Have you ever had to battle nature by living through a hurricane or trying to get home in a snowstorm?  That is an external conflict with nature.  In both instances, you are "battling" something outside yourself.  However, suppose you are tempted to use an illegal drug or steal a candy bar from the supermarket.  You must do battle with yourself in those situations, which is an internal conflict.  Another example of internal conflict will occur when you must decide what college to attend.  You could be accepted by two schools that you really want to go to, but the decision is difficult because each offers different advantages and disadvantages, creating a conflict in your mind.

The same kinds of conflicts occur in literature.  In The Secret Life of Bees, Lily is in conflict with herself because she wants to and does not want to confess to the lies she told when she arrived at the Boatwrights' house.  She is in conflict with her father throughout the book. In The Kite Runner, Amir is in constant conflict with himself,  grappling with the notions of right and wrong in all of his relationships.  He is in conflict with Assef, who is his nemesis throughout the book.  "The Most Dangerous Game" offers examples of external conflict and conflict with nature.

sojournero | Student

The two types of conflict are internal and external.

Internal conflicts are very personal to the character and usually deal with something inside them. For example, in "The Tell Tale Heart" by Poe, the narrator insist that he is not crazy.  This is an internal conflict because it is a battle inside his head.

External conflicts are outside of the character and there are several types.

Charater v. character:  This is two characters locked in some time of battle.

Character v. nature: Think of movies like "The Perfect Storm."  Nature is showing how poweful it is.

Character v. society:  the character is does not agree with how his community is doing something... for example, burning books, celebrating inhumane customs.

joncollins | Student

Sorry, I was meaning in the book "A haunted house" by Virginia Woolf