I don't know what to do on the scientific method.

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The scientific method is a logical way to solve a problem or question. One must first state the problem clearly. Then, one can do research and find out what is already known about this topic. Next, one can make a hypothesis. It is a statement that is a possible answer to the question that was posed. It should be stated as an if....then.. statement. For example, one could ask-- will fertilizer make a plant grow taller than just plain water? A possible hypothesis would be--if fertilizer is added, plant growth will increase. Next, the hypothesis must be tested in a controlled experiment. There must be a group that the independent variable is tested on--the experimental group and a group that does not get the variable--the control group. In this example, the experimental group receives fertilizer, and the control group does not. All other factors are kept constant--sun exposure, soil, amount of water and type of plants. Data must be collected during the experiment. It will then be analyzed and a conclusion is reached. Is the hypothesis correct or is it rejected? Scientists share the results with others and the experiment may be repeated many times to test its validity. The scientific method is a logical way to solve problems.

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