I don't know how to write a thesis on how language is used as a weapon in the novel Animal Farm, how would I write a thesis on this theme? I can't start writing my essay until I have my thesis statement, and I've never had to write a thesis before. We will lose marks if we have a poor thesis statement and I need help. Thank you..

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A very simple thesis could be this:

Throughout George Orwell's Animal Farm language is craftily used as a weapon.

If you have an idea regard what your body paragraphs will be about, you might write:

Orwell uses language as a weapon throughout Animal Farm by (idea 1), (idea 2) and (idea 3).

If you are lacking in ideas for the way that language is used, here are a few things I think he does with language.

1. He employs one technique of propaganda which is to make things sound so near the previously understood truth. This is exemplified in the changes to the commandments. They always add just a couple of words.

2. He tells his allegorical tale very simply, so that children can understand. Adults however, feel the lessons and recognize the symbolism at work.

3. He criticizes the idea of communism without bad words, cursing or directly speaking to the guilty parties, he used literature and a reading audience which is much more powerful than one man's words. He developed a following of readers who think, this is a great danger to dictatorial rulers.

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