What does "temporary" mean and how does it apply to Willy?" i don't know ben when dad left i was so young and i kind of felt temporary about my self"

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Willy is referring to his uncertainty about the future and his inability to conceive of life without a father. He doesn't know what his life will be like, especially without a father to guide him. Temporary in this quotation suggests that Willy lacks a sense of stability or foundation as if he, too, will disappear as his father did. If not Willy himself, then will other members of his family, such as Ben, desert him as well? Willy is recalling the feeling that he didn't know what the future would hold for him.

He and his family had lived a transient life so he had no clear of "home"; therefore, he lacked the security of that kind of stability. Now that his father was gone, he must have felt that the force holding his family together had distintegrated. What would happen to Willy? Was he now responsible for himself? This feeling of temporary implies as well that Willy hoped this sense would not last long, but notice he qualifies his comment by saying it was "kind of temporary." The instability we see in the adult Willy is foreshadowed by this remark.

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