Don't we think it is time for W. B. Yeats's "Second Coming"? What I have realised almost all the religions have lost its sanctity not because of it but because of animalism. People are mostly interested in amassing wealth, making provisions for comfort, and creation whether it helps in extermination of mankind. We have lost our morality.

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Like Yeats, we are living in a time of rapid change. Like Yeats, many of us are deeply concerned about the consequences of those changes, which are impossible for us to foresee with much certainty. Some of these changes, we fear, may not be for the better. Like Yeats, we live in what might be called an "age of anxiety."

But I'm not sure that makes us unique. People today are concerned with amassing wealth, but people have always been concerned with amassing wealth. We are not the first generation of people to reflect on our "lost morality," which in any case is entirely subjective. In short, people at various junctures in western history have believed they stood at the precipice of frightening change, even the end of the world as they knew it. When I read Yeats, I'm reminded of this, which I think is what gives the poem its remarkable power.

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