Which of the following words would be best for completing each of the three sentences below? a.  dominion   b.  sequence   c.  poised 1.  As the twelfth inning began, Mat was_________to...

Which of the following words would be best for completing each of the three sentences below?

a.  dominion   b.  sequence   c.  poised

1.  As the twelfth inning began, Mat was_________to toss his second hitter.

2.  If Sam could pitch a second hitter, the pitching could be his___________.

3.  The key to getting the batters out is devising an effective___________of pitches.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The correct answers to these questions are C, A, B, in that order.  In the rest of this answer, I will explain why each of these is correct.

The word “poised,” in this context, means to be about to do something.  If someone is standing on the end of a diving board, you can say they are poised to dive off.  In this sentence, Mat is in the 12th inning of a baseball game and is apparently about to toss his second no-hitter.  (I assume that this is supposed to be “second no-hitter” rather than “second hitter.”  A no-hitter is a major accomplishment for a pitcher.  In addition, one does not “toss” a hitter.)  We would say that he was poised to accomplish that because he was on the brink of doing so but had not yet managed it. 

The word “dominion,” in this context, means a place over which one has sovereignty or supreme authority.  We usually use this word to indicate that someone has power over a certain geographical area.  However, it can also be used more figuratively to mean that someone dominates or rules something—that they are the best.  In this case, Mat has a chance to throw a second no-hitter.  If he can do so, we could say that he dominates or rules the field of baseball pitchers.  We can say this because he has been able to throw two no-hitters when throwing even one is a major accomplishment.  So when we say that pitching is his dominion, we mean it is something that he rules or dominates—something at which he is the best.

Finally, the word “sequence” means a set order of events.  A baseball pitcher generally has the ability to throw three or four different pitches.  These are pitches that go at different speeds and/or move in different ways.  For example, a pitcher might be able to throw a fastball, a changeup, a slider, and a curveball.  One way for pitchers to be effective is to throw these pitches in a good sequence.  For example, if a pitcher throws a good fastball on one pitch, he could throw a changeup (a slower pitch that looks like a fastball at first) for his next pitch.  The batter would think the ball was coming faster than it really was and would swing too early.  “Sequence” is the right answer here because a pitcher would want to throw pitches in an intelligent order that would be more likely to fool the batter.

So, the answers for these are #1 – C; #2 – A; #3 – B.

oreomcfluffy | Student

a) poised 

b) dominion

c) sequence