In A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen, does Nora and Torvald, Mrs.Lindle and Nils Krogstad love each ofter or is something else that binds them together? 

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In A Doll House, Torvald and Nora have a shallow relationship. It is based on a pretense. Nora pretends that she is happy. She dances and does tricks to try and please Torvald. Torvald treats Nora like his prized possession. He treats her like child. He calls her nicknames such as scattered brain and squander bird. He does not see Nora as his equal. In the beginning, Nora pretends to be happy. She does everything she can to please Torvald. She saved his life when he was ill to the point of death. She adores his children and takes very good care of them. She keeps the house in perfect order, just the way Torvald likes it. She is an ideal wife. Still, there seems to be no real love between them. The two of them never sit down and have a serious conversation. Torvald does not love her as his equal:

A close analysis of the dialogue shows a very unequal relationship with Torvald holding all the power. In fact, the interactions between husband and wife serve a specific purpose: they illustrate the banality of the discourse between the two. Torvald does not address his wife regarding any subject of substance. 

As for Nils and Mrs. Linde, there is true love between them. Even though they were apart for years, they are still in love. They communicate openly and honestly as a couple who respects one the other. Nils tells Mrs. Linde exactly what he thinks, and she is honest with him as well. They are fortunate to have found one another again. Finally, they can be together and share a true love that exists between them:

Mrs. Linde surprises him by announcing that she really came to town to renew contact with him; she never truly forgot him. She wants to team up and share her life with him. Krogstad is flattered that, despite his reputation, she still wants him. Although neither mentions the word “love,” it is clear that the two once loved each other and now want to give life together another chance.

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