How do I complete an ABC Diary for Where the Red Fern Grows? For example: U, X, Y and Z.

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An ABC Summary or ABC Diary focuses on finding something for each letter of the alphabet that can tell you something about the book.  U, X, Y, and Z are pretty difficult.  One way to begin is brainstorming lists of words that begin with these letters.  Of the four, I think U and Y are the easiest.  You can use “until” and “yet” with plot points for these letters.

That leaves X and Z.  It is difficult to think of words for these letters.  A good one for Z is “zeal,” which means really wanting something.  For X, consider “x-ray.”  For example:

X-rays of Old Dan would reveal that he was injured badly and dying.

After the death of the two beloved dogs, the story has a happy ending.

In spring, when they were found, a beautiful red fern had grown up between their two bodies. (p. 210)

You have enough information now to tackle those last letters!