How does Zarrof stock his island with game?  

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General Zaroff stocks his island with game by causing ships to become shipwrecked on his island.  He has a light that would indicate a channel where there is no channel, but rather treacherous rocks. When he turns on the light, ships navigate toward the light, thinking it will provide safe passage through the channel.  Instead, they run aground and are trapped on Zaroff's island where they become his prey.

The reason why Zaroff hunts men, instead of traditional game is because he has become bored with hunting animals because they lack the ability to reason.  He thought that by hunting humans they would present him with a challenge since they would be able to reason and in order to kill them he would need to outwit them. With that in mind, it could be said that the way in which Zaroff stocks his island is part of the hunt itself because it provides him with a challenge.



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