Is the written style of the Bible like poetry or other literature genres? The Holy Bible

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  • There are several written styles in the Bible, some of which are rather unfamiliar to modern readers.  Of course, much of the New Testament is in the form of parables, especially those passages which allude to the teachings of Jesus Christ.  For example, the parable of the talents(Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:12-28) is a story which has a moral to it.  In this parable a man leaves and entrusts three of his servants with some of his money.  When he returns two of the three have invested the money and made more for him; however, the third servant, who contends that he was afraid of the master and was afraid to take a risk lest he lose it and be punished. So, he has hidden the talent (a certain monetary measure).  His indolence angers the master who casts the man off his land because he is evil and lazy.  The moral,...

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