Does Windrider enjoy delivering laundry to the demons in Dragonwings?

Yes, Windrider does enjoy delivering laundry to the demons because it allows him a time to connect with his father and to listen to his father's stories.

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In chapter 4 of Dragonwings, we learn that Moon Shadow is a hard worker, working sixteen hours a day to fulfill his various obligations to the "company." He goes to a special school where he learns the alphabet of the "demons," and he diligently practices so that he can better communicate with them in their native tongue. After coming home and preparing a fire on which White Deer can cook dinner, Moon Shadow then goes to a special Tang school, where he studies the works of Confucius in order to learn the right way to live.

Moon Shadow busily moves from one task to the next in his full day of obligations; he comments that his favorite part of the day is when he goes with his father to deliver laundry. Journeying out with his father on these business trips forces Moon Shadow to confront the myths regarding the ways of the demons and to become more familiar with both his environment and the demon culture. Because he has his father by his side, Moon Shadow is given greater confidence in his interactions. These trips of delivering and collecting laundry provide an opportunity for Moon Shadow to spend intimate time with his father, who shares with him the memories of their culture.

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