Does watching Disney movies (or movies like Disney—with princesses, princes, & happy endings) shape who young people become? Studies have shown young girls today face more pressure than ever to be "perfect". Not only to be smart and successful academically, but to be beautiful, fashionable, and kind. Television and Internet plays a big part of this. It gets girls to worry about how pretty and sexy they are.

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I don't think these movies shape who young people become. I think that these movies, along with all forms of entertainment in society, can have a huge impact on people's ideas and thoughts, but I think their influence pale in comparison to factors such as a person's school, friends, relatives, parents, etc...

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To a certain extent, watching the sugar-coated Disney movies can give kids an idealizes view of the world. However, it is the parent's responsibility to ensure that the child has a balanced diet of viewing and reading material, and to discuss what the child reads and watches.
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To begin, I think that this question would be much better if listed under the Discussion Board. I am sure that you will receive many different and educated opinions on this subject.

That being said, I do think that watching Disney movies shape the minds of very young girls. These children tend to live in fantasy worlds, enriched by the images they see when watching movies like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

Regardless, these movies do show that there are evils out there. The problem with the shaping of young girls given their inability to look only at the positive. They tend to disregard the evils of the world based upon the fact that every life has a happy ending.

As for older girls, I think that their cognitive processes are a little more defined and that they can distinguish between appearance and reality. While they may wish for prince charming, they can recognize the fact that the movie is just that, a movie.

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