Does vasovagal syncope count as a siezure disorder?I have vasovagal, i just want to know if it would be counted as a siezure disorder.

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dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No, vasovagal syncope is not a seizure disorder. The term syncope refers to a passing out. People pass out or have syncopal episodes for different reasons but the most common reason for syncope is hypotension. A vagal response or a vasovagal response is similar to a valsalva manuever. The tenth cranial nerve X Vagus nerve travels from the base of the brain to many areas including the myocardium. When someone has a vagal or vasovagal response the Vagus nerve has been compromised for some reason and because it travels to the heart the person develops a symptomatic bradycardia and passes out.This happens because the lower the heart rate is the lower the blood pressure will be. This can happen rather quickly.

dawndavis13 | Student

Vasovagal is not considered a disorder.  It commonly occurs sudden and can be from a period of shock to the body and its systems.  Examples:

After a patient has received an injection they may pass out without warning or symptoms as with siezures from the shock of the injection and not as a result of a medication reaction.

It is also common for vasovagal syncope to occur when seeing something that makes you feel overwhelmed...such as blood.

Patients with syncope generally have symptoms of onset such as light headed, dizzy, sweats, blurred vision.

Patients with seizures usually do not have these symptoms seems to seize or faint without warning.