Does the USPS portray a strong organisational culture?

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) definitely has a strong organizational culture, therefore definitely portrays the model of a strong organizational culture. The second largest employer in the United States, even after cutbacks through the recent economic downturn and recovery, the USPS is integral to (1) the national economy, (2) the smooth operation of business and (3) affordable mail service for citizens and international mail.

The corporate culture is controlled from the top downward but has an "open door" policy about employee access to all upper levels of management from local leadership to the Postmaster General. Employees are strictly trained in the ethics, roles and responsibilities of their jobs and work within an atmosphere of "trust and integrity [that] permeates [the] organization." The end result of strong organizational culture in the USPS is portrayed in customer relations through a long "tradition of trust and integrity with excellent customer service."