Does the use of contraceptives hinder the feeling of sexual intimacy amongst partners?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this will surely vary from person to person and couple to couple.  There is nothing inherent about contraception that has to reduce the feeling of sexual intimacy between partners.

There is one kind of contraception that is more likely than others to reduce the physical feeling of sexual intimacy between partners.  This is the male condom.  When a man is wearing a condom, he and his partner no longer have the feel of skin against skin.  This could potentially reduce the level of sexual intimacy that is felt by the partners.  However, sexual intimacy is not just about the feel of skin against skin.  Instead, it has at least as much to do with emotions.  Therefore, using a condom does not need to reduce the feeling of intimacy.

Some people might possibly feel less intimate with their partner if they are using contraceptives.  This would be particularly true if something needs to be done with the contraceptive before the partners have sex.  When partners are becoming passionate, it is possible that taking the time to put on a condom or apply spermicidal creams could detract from that passion and make the sex feel less spontaneous and intimate.

That said, it is likely that many couples are able to feel just as intimate with one another even if they must use contraceptives like those mentioned.  Their feelings are likely to be determined by their own personalities, not by anything inherent to the contraceptives themselves.