True or False:  The Truth in Lending Act outlines procedures for settling credit card billing disputes.

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I think that with any question that comes from another source in a class, I would suggest checking with any references given in class to support your answers before going anywhere else.  That being said, this quote from an article about the TILA from enotes  suggests the following:

In addition to credit term disclosure requirements, TILA and Regulation Z also contain provisions governing credit card issuance, liability for unauthorized credit card use, credit card billing error resolution procedures, notice and disclosure requirements for credit card solicitations, disclosure requirements for high-rate mortgages and reverse mortgages, and rescission provisions for various types of transactions in which a security interest is retained in a consumer's principal residence.

I certainly think that the idea of helping to solve "billing error resolution procedures" would be applicable to the idea of settling disputes over billing.  With this in mind, I would argue that the statement in question is true, that the TLIA does outline procedures for settling credit card billing disputes.  As I said, if you have a text or some type of resource in your class from which the answer needs to be derived, I would use that as a primary reference and then perhaps use this as a backup.

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