Does Tom try to keep his affair with Myrtle a secret in The Great Gatbsy?

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Tom tries to keep the affair with Myrtle a secret from both his spouse and her spouse. We know this because although Daisy seems to know about it, when Myrtle calls, Tom takes the call in another room. Jordan reveals this information to readers when she tells Nick that Tom has a girl.

When Tom takes Nick to "meet [his] girl" they stop at Wilson's garage. Tom talks small talk with Wilson, and when Myrtle comes down the stairs, he waits until he gets Myrtle alone to speak with her about his intentions. Once alone, he encourages Myrtle to go to their apartment in the city. At least Tom and Myrtle are smart enough to ride in separate train cars. 

By the time Tom and Myrtle get together on the train, many people of New York see them together knowing either of their spouses. At this point however Tom doesn't care.

Tom's wife seems to know what is going on, but she keeps it from Tom that she knows. Myrtle's husband is completely oblivious and has complete trust in Tom.

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