Does "Through with Love" by Destiny's Child have any figurative language in it?

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Like many lyrics in pop-culture songs, this song contains figurative language, but much of it is hard to spot because phrases are common enough that we overlook them as figures of speech.

Remember that figurative language or figures of speech (same thing) include similes, metaphors, and personification, which is a specific kind of metaphor.  The following lines contain metaphors:

I gave my heart to you
Put aside my smile for you

If you imagine this literally, you can see how it is a metaphor.  The speaker did not physically hand over her heart or physically put away her smile.

Later, the use of "paralyze" should have caught your attention in this line:

Paralyze my growth for you

Anytime an author uses diction (word choice) that seems out of place in context (frequently done in song lyrics), you can almost be certain figurative language is used.  Literally, paralyze is a term that means "to make unable to move or act," but it is typically associated with a medical condition.  Applied figuratively, the comparison here is between the growth of a relationship and the growth of a body.

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