What makes "A Rose for Emily" a gothic or Southern gothic story?

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This story embodies some other characteristics of Gothic literature, in addition to those already discussed by others. First, Miss Emily's home strikes the reader as an especially Gothic sort of structure because of the secrecy and mystery that shrouds it. Miss Emily's father died there, and later, after Homer Barron's disappearance, only her servant comes and goes, and no one else is allowed in. Then there's the strange and awful smell that begins to emanate from the home. It's all very mysterious and dramatic, and this kind of setting is very common for Gothic literature.

Miss Emily herself is also shrouded in mystery, especially as a result of her self-imposed isolation. She is isolated even as a young woman as a result of her father's belief that no one is really good enough for her. Suitors are turned away until they stop coming. Then her father dies and she refuses to let officials take and bury the body; it's very odd and makes it seem as though she is not quite in her right mind....

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