Does this quote from "Me Talk Pretty One Day" show pathos? How? “I found this brown something-or-other in my suitcase, and I started chewing on it, thinking that maybe it was part of a cookie.” 

Expert Answers
cneukam1379 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pathos is the appeal to a reader's emotions, and I would argue first that in the context of the rest of Sedaris' story, this first part of his essay focuses on imagery, specifically the reader's sense of taste.  This imagery then creates a sense of disgust (the emotion) in the reader, because as Sedaris later states in the essay, "Why would a full-grown man place a foreign object into his mouth, especially if it was brown and discovered in a rarely used suitcase?" His audience is snagged on what would strike any sane adult as a considerable stumbling block. Sedaris' rhetorical question creates the disgust in the reader before he moves on to explain why his father would act in this way.