Does temperature mean heat? i'm confused!

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Temperature "is a property of matter that results from molecule motion (kinetic energy) and/or atomic vibration." Heat is created when molecules are in motion.

In other words, as the molecules that make up all matter move, that movement causes heat. Heat is related to the sense of touch - we can feel heat as a change in the warmth of an object or substance, such as air or water. Temperature refers to the measurement of the amount of heat present in that object or substance. If you said "The water is hot" you would be referring to the heat contained within the water. If you put a thermometer in the water and said "The water is 200 degrees Farenheit" you would be giving the temperature of the water, measuring the warmth being created in the water by the movement of the molecules within it.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Definitely, temeprature is not heat, though these concepts are mixed up frequently.

Heat is the kinetic energy of molecules within a substance, while the temperature is a number.

Temperature is measured in different units (Kelvin,Celsius), while heat is measured in units of energy (Joules).

There is a relation between heat and temperature: the average kinetic energy of molecules within a substance is directly proportional to the temperature measured in Kelvin units.