Does technology have any connection to justice?

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This is a subjective question, and there is likely going to be a wide range of opinions regarding this question. My first recommendation is to answer with what you truly believe and defend it with examples. My second recommendation is to provide whatever answer has the most available evidence in your opinion.

My personal response would be to argue in favor of the statement. It only asks if there is a connection between technology and justice. It does not ask if there is a strong connection. It only asks if there is one present. I would definitely say that technology is connected to justice in the broader sense and the justice system itself. Lots of people have been found guilty or innocent because of technological improvements regarding the collection and analysis of crime-scene evidence. You could start your argument by showing a history of how fingerprint analysis became a powerful tool for both lawyers and investigators. You could then move the argument toward much more advanced identification technologies like DNA fingerprinting, facial recognition software, and even gait analysis. Within the paper, you might even consider how the technological improvements have allowed for investigators to obtain justice on cold cases.

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