Does submitting to others shows strength of character?agree or disagree: submitting to others shows strength of character

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree, too, and I love the first response.  In addition to what "user" has to say, I would like to add that in order to live with other people in this world, one must pick and choose what to make an issue of, since no one can possibly get his or her way all the time and co-exist with others.  I have a friend who always asked,"Is the hill I want to die on?"  What she was doing by asking that question was putting into perspective the importance of the battles she wanted to engage in.  In her particular case, she was speaking of parenting, which is another good example of a need for "submission" in some situations.  Does it really matter what kind of music our children listen to or how they dress?  There is a need for give and take in every human interaction. 

Jacob_0ne | Student

I Agree:

Since so many people today highly value indepence, once someone comes around seeking to lead them, or give them direction, they are not very easily managed. Basically, everyone wants to be the boss, and no one wishes to submit to authority. Ofcourse, this is speaking in general, and not ll people are this way. But imagine this scenario: A single parent is used to being alone and carrying all of the load of parenting and providing. Once someone else comes into the picture again, it can be difficult to sumbit to another persons direction. So, displaying that submissiveness takes strength, because naturally, we would like to take charge. It is easy to do the things we desire, but it is not always easy to listen to directions and take into consideration other peoples feelings. In order to be successful, we need to have the strength to lead, as well as the strength and self-control to submit when others do so.