Does Stanley or Stella show signs of low self esteem or emotional dependance with the domestic violence that goes on in A Streetcar Named Desire?

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I would have to say that both Stella and Stanley, in "A Streetcar Named Desire", demonstrate signs of low self-esteem and emotional dependence. Given that the most famous quote from the movie is when Stanley is calling the Stella after abusing her shows his own dependence on her.

Stella is unable to leave Stanley after the abusive night when the men were playing poker. Even though she left the flat right after being struck by Stanley, she returns to her home because she cannot live without him  When Blanche tells Stella that Stanley is not a good man, Stella defends him and tells Blanche that she does not understand.

Another example that shows Stella's dependence on Stanley is when she chooses to believe him over Blanche regarding the rape. Stella cannot live with Stanly and believe that he raped Blanche- she chooses her husband over her sister.

The relationship between Stella and Stanley is the typical abuse/forgive realtionship depicted in many medias today. These realtionsahip exist solely on the dependance that each partner has on the other.

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