Does someone have summaries for The Souls of Black Folk

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You can find a brief overview here.  Also, previously questions have been asked and answered about the summaries for Chapter Three and Chapter Five.

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Finding a summary for this great work is a challenge.  I actually think that the time spent trying to find a summary of it can be the same length of time as reading it entirely.  I think there are some ways to approach it, though.  Initially, it should be noted that this is probably one of the most influential works in American literature and history.  I am not sure there is a day that passes in America and daily news where some aspect of DuBois' work is not addressed   (Example:  Professor Gates' incident with the Cambridge Police Officer.)  I think that reading it/ understanding the book's implications are critical.  I think reading it with purpose will help you a great deal.  For example, if you have any discussion questions or themes that you have to examine, reading the book to find these elements will direct your reading, making you more active in reading it and making the text more relevant.  If you have not been given this, perhaps approaching your teacher and explaining your situation (time is not on your side), and asking the instructor to help give you "the things I need to find in the text," will allow you to be able to read the book, a landmark in Literature, and do so in a manner that saves you time.  To simply find a word for word summary might  be very time consuming, if money is a challenge.   The enotes link enclosed can give you some sample quiz topics, as well as detailed analysis that you can use as you read the book to make this a less time consuming process.

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