Does society, or even culture, have any effect on scientific discovery?  Does society, or even culture, have any effect on scientific discovery?  

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Your question immediately reminded me of when AIDS first became a serious threat during the early 1980s. Because of the dangers the disease presented, particularly to the growing gay culture, the international medical community immediately began to push toward a cure. Billions of dollars were infused into research, and medicinal help soon became available to what once seemed to be an incurable and always deadly disease.

I believe that society and culture do affect scientific discovery. Depending upon what people believe, they can support or hinder studies to create new drugs, or test new drugs or procedures. The more liberal the society, the more likely they are to support advancements in science. However, the more conservative a society is, the less likely it is that experiments will take place if there is a moral dilemma present.

A society's ability to take risks will also affect scientific discovery. Trying unknown treatments can result in failure or success, but without trying, who...

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