Does the size of a hospital affect the quality of care that a patient receives?

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I do not think that it is a steadfast assurance that the size of the hospital is the most relevant trait in determining the quality of care that  a patient receives.  Certainly, doctors and nurses would play far more of an impactful role in the delivery of quality health care.  Good doctors and good nursing staffs can be found in big and small hospitals and I think that these are probably more essential  in the delivery of quality health care.  That being said, I do believe that in a for- profit configuration of health care services, there can be more opportunities available in larger and more financially secure hospitals than in smaller ones.  This might be seen in equipment or latest technologies used to assist medical professionals, satellite hospitals nearer to the home of the patient, or more expansive and a greater array of hospital services offered.  In a for- profit scenario, the bigger and more well endowed a hospital is, the greater the resources it can pass on to its patients.  This does not automatically guarantee better health care.  However, it does provide more opportunities to pursue it.  I would say that this sector is where size and money play a large role in the quality of health care provided.

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The size of a hospital does not affect the quality and care a patient will receive. Since most hospitals are huge, they should have many dedicated doctors, nurses, and staff that will do their best to help the patients. So its not the size of the hospital, but the quality of the staff.

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Never, the size never differs the quality of a hospital. But the doctors, nurses and the communication between doctors and patient thus differ a lot.

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