Does self-awareness affect how we communicate with people?

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Self awareness is key in communication. Imagine speaking with someone and you're both expressing your individual thoughts and beliefs. You delve deep into conversation, and you're both able to learn and listen off each other. This type of meaningful interaction all stems from self awareness and confidence. If we are unaware of our own thoughts and beliefs, how can we expect to form a rational argument. If we do not even understand ourselves, how can we express how we truly feel? Our answers, our conversations, and the way to communicate would all be a false portrayal of our own selves. 

Self awareness will only lead you to a more complete and round human being. Understanding and getting to know who you really are, will translate into an untapped confidence. You will begin to realize your strengths, weaknesses, limitations, potential, and you will be able to maximize on your own beliefs. Being able to go from there, and learn from it are valuable lessons that we all come to understand...

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