Does revisionism validate denial of the Holocaust?

Expert Answers
rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Virtually no academic historians accept the "arguments" made by Holocaust deniers, or "revisionists" as they call themselves in an attempt to gain more legitimacy. Debates do exist in academic circles over the Holocaust, but not the historical fact that the Holocaust occurred. There have been objections, for instance, that examining the Holocaust using postmodernist methodologies such as gender theory or discourse analysis may tend to obscure the fundamental evil of the event. There are also those who argue that the Holocaust should be studied in comparison with other examples of genocide, a contention which some argue may tend to minimize it. And the Holocaust has recently become the subject of memory studies, which emphasize the ways in which the public remembers the Holocaust have evolved over time. But these debates are scholarly in nature, not at all like the claims made by people like David Irving. In short, while the Holocaust is the constant subject of historical scrutiny, this scrutiny should not be construed as disagreement within the academic community about whether the Holocaust actually occurred.