Does reputation and fame consider as a relationship to a person?I need to write an essay about how relationship shape a person's life can reputation and fame be one of the points?

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If you are writing about relationships, then you need to realize that this is a very broad topic. In light of this broadness, you can certainly introduce the idea of fame and reputation. However, you would need to define the connection. For instance, are you saying that one of the people in the relationship is famous? Or are you saying that one of the people want to be in a relationship with a famous person? Or are you saying something completely different. In short, you need to define things.

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Depending on how one defined a "spiritual" relationship, I'm not sure that fame or reputation would play into it, unless it was to degrade it somewhat. But then, I doubt whether famous people suffer breakups in relationships anymore than other people do. I suppose it just creates a different set of reasons why relationships might not work.

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People who are famous are likely to be sought out by others interested in forming relationships with them. For this reason, such persons need to be especially careful in forming relationship, since the people who seek them out may have only shallow and superficial motives for doing so.

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If you are focusing on "everyday" relationships then I don't think that fame is a point that you would want to spend a lot of time on. Most people don't have fame and it isn't going to play a part in his or her relationships. I do think that reputation, separate from fame, could be an interesting point. It is hard to establish new relationships if a person has a bad reputation. People who associate with other people who have bad reputations can sometimes suffer just from the association.

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I have a few friends who have achieved a moderate degree of celebrity status, and I value their friendships even more highly than others. I guess it's only normal to be able to name-drop every now and then, though part of the relationship has to do with the pride I have for the success they have achieved.

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Reputation and fame do affect a person's relationships.  A good reputation can lead to new relationships, and a bad one can prevent them.  Fame can be a barrier between a person and others, because people think they know you or they want something from you.

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If you'd like to focus on the challenges that fame and celebrity status can pose to relationships, then you could use the subjects of fame and celebrity in an essay on how relationships shape a person's life.

It seems that "celebrity relationships" are largely the same as normal relationships but suffer from high visiblity and a degree of scrutiny which other relationships don't.

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If I understand your question correctly, I don't think that reputation and fame would go well in this essay.  The essay is supposed to be about relationships, right?  I'm not sure how reputation and fame would fit there unless you are going to say that becoming famous can ruin your relationship.

I would think that you would want to talk about things like compromise and coming to care about something more than your own desires.  You could talk about coming to share in another person's interests.  These are the more common ways in which relationships shape a person's life.

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Well, doesnt fame and reputation shape in spiritual relationship?

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