In "Breaking Dawn", does Reneesme turn in to a complete vampire?

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No. Because Renesme was conceived when her mother was still human. Bella does not become a vampire until after the child's birth. Therefore, Renesme is half human, half vampire. She has all of their strengths with very little of their weaknesses.

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She turns out to be half vampire, half human.  So she has some really cool aspects of being a vampire, like super-strength, and a special ability, the ability to give information to people just by touching them.  But, she is half Bella (before Bella was turned into a vampire), so she also has human attributes.

This is a pretty unique phenomenon, but she is not the only one.  Towards the end of "Breaking Dawn" we discover that there have been other vampire/human hybrid.  Usually however, the human mothers, because of the pain involved in pregnancy and delivery, have died.  So Bella was incredibly lucky to have survived the creating of Reneesme, and to live to see her grow.

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No because she is half vampire and half human. It is impossible for her to be like her mom or dad. 

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Renesmee can never be a full vampire and neither human. She is the product of Edwards vampire being and Bella's former human self. Also her bites are harmless they can't turn others into vampires-- she bites Jacob all the time and nothing happens. Although Renesmee prefers a blood diet she can tolerate human food as well and her eyes never change they continuously stay brown whether she's thirst or have feed.

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Hi, Tabby!

   In "Breaking Dawn," Renesmee is Edward and Bella's daughter. At the time that she is born, Bella is a human, Edward is a vampire. Renesmee is, therefore, half human, half vampire. At no time in the book is she transformedinto a full vampire.

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She is half and half........she has some powers but u gotta read the book.............i'm not gonna ruin it for u.