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Does religion cause war? I need to write an argumentative essay on this topic.  

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This is a question probably impossible to answer in its general form. It is unlikely that all wars in recorded human history have been caused solely by religion, but it is also the case that there are many wars in which religion may have been a contributory factor in the conflict.

To disprove that all wars were caused by religion, one merely needs one counter-example. As religion was not a factor in the Peloponnesian Wars, the claim that all wars have been caused by religion is obviously wrong.

On the other hand, there are numerous examples of wars in which religion was a contributory factor, e.g. the Thirty Years War and the British Civil War. So it is equally obviously the case that religion is a contributory factor.

Even in putatively religious wars such as the Crusades, it is difficult to claim the religion is the only factor involved in the war; many Crusaders found the riches of the east an attraction, and the sack of Constantinople in 1204 consisted of Christians looting the Christian city they were supposed to be saving.

Overall, it is important to examine each case individually and not try to make generalizations which cannot be supported.

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bhawanipur | Student

To understand Whether religion causes war we must look at what is religion. Religion means belief in God and the scripture related to it and I don't think they teach us to go for war. Its the mindset of greedy, aspiring people of wealth, fame, and to his kith and kins. In "Vedanta Darshan", an Indian phylosophy, it is stated that people because of their own ignorence do not understand and realize the teachings of these scriptures, an integral part of it and do cntribute to war.

'Kamini' means women or aspirations, 'Kanchana' means gold or wealth and 'Kirti' means aspirations for fame cause war. If you study the causes of war in every religion, you will find that they were fought for these reasons. whoever led the war motivated people according to their wish and ply them accordingly.

So, We need to realize them and spead only one message that there is only one religion that is Humanity and one race that is Man created by the highest authority and He has taught us to be self contented and not to run behind animalism.

scwebber | Student

Wars have been fought over religion in the past. That is a fact. What other things have been causes of war? There are various causes of war and usually it is a combination of many things that actually result in war. I agree that religion itself does not cause war.

prof-swirsky | Student

Relgion as a concept does not cause war.  People cause wars, but ideas do have consequences.  People's interpretations of the Koran and the Bible have caused wars before.  But peoples' interpretations of holy documents has caused peace as well.  So to answer your question, no, religion itself does not cause war, but peoples' application of that religion.

blbrewer11 | Student

Does religion cause war?

Most of the matertial I am seeing on the subject.Seems to be an argument between religious factions.

It's my personal opinion that war is for the must part about property.And religion is used in war as an excuse to take what you want.

Religion is based on faith. But faith can be twisted into fanaticism(fanaticism in any form is bad).Which can be used to motivate a congrigation.In other words they will follow their faith blindly.

Fanatic : marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical( showing lack or improper use of critical standards or procedures) devotion(: religious fervor).

Rainbow I could not find any materal to read but the sources up top looked good to me.Especially the crusades link above(which suports my property theory).

I personaly think you should rephrase the question so you base your arguments in facts and not faith alone.

I'm not smart just old