Does Ralph also take part in hunting and killing pigs in "Lord of the Flies"? I think so, but why?

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ralph does not take part in killing a pig.  He is with Jack in chapter 1, when they first see a pig and Jack makes a weak attempt at killing the pig.  Ralph is in charge of the builders, so he does not go out on hunts with Jack and his tribe.  Ralph does partake of eating the pig caught by Jack in chapter 4. Ralph is there in chapter 9 when Simon is killed during a post feast frenzy around the firepit.  Ralph represents civility in the story and Jack represents savagery so it is fitting that Ralph does not participate in the hunts.  Ralph isn't against Jack's hunting and killing of pigs, in fact, in chapter 4, when the boys have their first pig feast, the meal helps to smooth things out a bit between Jack and Ralph. Jack's group was supposed to keep the signal fire going but they got caught up in the hunt for pig and let it go out.  Ralph is livid, but Jack insists that, while he is sorry the fire went out, he did succeed in getting them food.

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