Does the quality of Wine completely depend on the quality of Grapes?

Expert Answers
kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The quality of a certain wine can depend on all sorts of factors, in some ways many of them can be more important than the grapes.  The kinds of grapes that are used often determine what kind of wine it is, whether they are red or white or numerous other types of each grape.

Then the huge number of other factors come into play.  Was the wine made in huge batches or in small ones, what was the weather like that year, what is the soil like, what kinds of barrels is the wine stored in when finished, all these questions play a role in the quality of the wine.  You may have heard of someone saying something about the particular qualities of a certain year or vintage, often there were certain of these factors, weather, etc., that all came together to make a certain year particularly famous for good wine.

kgrashot | Student

The quality of a wine can be determined by many factors. The grapes are a main factor but it also must be considered where the grapes were harvested, how, and when. Next, most wines that are given a high rating are based on judging through different criteria. Overall, it may be up to personal preference and personal taste buds.


If a wine is a consistent star rater, being seen positively by a variety of judges using different quality criteria among different lineups, then in all likelihood it is an excellent wine. Matched with a gold medal or two from respected wine shows, it is difficult to go wrong.