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The Potato plant can propagate by two ways, one is by the use of tubers. In this, pieces of the tuber are planted separately and they grow into complete plants. This is an asexual method of reproduction, where there is no change in the genetic make-up of the parent plants and the new plants that grow from the tubers.

Potato also produces flowers to reproduce sexually. The flowers are white, pink, red, blue, or purple depending on the species and have yellow stamens. Potato flowers are pollinated by insects as well as through self pollination. After a flower has been pollinated, it produces small fruits which contain the seeds. These seeds lead to the growth of potato plants which have a genetic make-up that is different from that of the parents.

This is essential for the survival of potato because as with any other species, without sexual reproduction it would become more vulnerable over time, and would finally be exterminated.

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