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Does the portrayal of African American offenders in the popular media seem fair to you?

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I would say that in the mainstream media, there is a certain amount of apprehension to talk about race. More specifically, there is a certain amount of fear in saying anything that would sound racist, especially when it comes to African Americans. Part of the reason for this is because the media has a liberal bias and within this liberal ideology making any sort of racial distinction is seen as wrong. 

Hence, when there is an African American offender, it is rarely made public that the offender is African American. He or she is just an offender. The reason for this is to not make race into an issue. Also we need to remember that there are a lot of African American groups out there that have power and they will not tolerate any sort of discrimination. In short, things seem fair.

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enoch1118 | Student

I believe that this is too broad of a question to answer adequately. However, I would like to made a few comments. The media has come a long way when it comes to racial equality. When it comes to the news, I believe that there is a lot of sensitivity when dealing with the African American community. In fact, it is almost a taboo to say anything derogatory when it comes to the African American community. When it comes to Hollywood, we see much of the same. People like Will Smith, Morgan Freedman and Denzel Washington are huge stars.

This above points become clear when you see how the media treats other racial groups, such as Asians. A few weeks ago, there were many racially charged statements concerning Jeremy Lin, the basketball player from New York. For some reason, the media thought they could get away with racial comments. Of course, some people were fired and put on suspension, but in the end race made an issue.

When it comes to the African American community in the media, it is far better. In light of this, I would say that there is general fairness.