Is Neverland Real

Does Peter Pan really exist?

Is there any possibility of seeing Neverland (Netherland)?

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engtchr5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I suppose this question greatly depends on your definition of existence. If, for instance, we are speaking of existence in a strictly literary sense, then yes, Peter Pan really existed in the story itself.

If we are being more pragmatic, however, and asking if Pan existed in "real life," then no, he did not. H.M. Barrie's imagination was the primary dwelling place of Peter Pan and his related characters. The only real opportunity to see Neverland today exists at, you guessed it, Disney World.

All good literary characters are based upon sketches drawn from actual, living and breathing humans. Peter Pan and Wendy, John, Michael, and the lost boys are no different. However, Barrie's interpretation of these characters makes them completely fictional rather than biographical.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You can see him on the ride at Disney... he and Wendy are flying all over the place.  (Smile).

Peter Pan exists in our imaginations and in the pages of a wonderfully written book which will forever be among the favorites of children and adults alike.  Isn't it great to meet characters like Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Bilbo Baggins, Earagon, and James (James and the Giant Peach) and have them unfold for you as you read?  It's intoxicating to be able to escape the regular world and launch oneself into a wonderful fiction world for a time.

linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It would be nice if there were some place we could escape to and avoid all the stresses of grown-up life. I'm afraid we'll just have to keep hoping!

necrosilly | Student

there's a movie Finding Neverland, tells how J.M. Barrie written that one of the loveliest story. Peter is the name of a boy played by Freddie Highmore with his mother played by Kate Wisnlet. i do really wish peter pan does exist. i mean, i dreamt about flying since i was a kid till i was like 18 or something. sometimes i dream about flying only if i really want to... weird but i just take it as such a miraculous experiences..

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if peter pan really excist i wold be happy to meet him in disney world. last time i write a question to peter then he didnt answer. so then i belive that peter pan is a scary prank. so if anyone get this post i hope you all belived that peter pan is a scary prank. thank you for listening to me. happy new year everyone

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pan-fan | Student
Does Peter Pan really exist?

Is there any possibility of seeing Neverland (Netherland)?

If you believe in an after life (I do) then it might not be too far fetched an idea to imagine that J.M.Barrie (no longer being on earth) might have found his never land. If he has, then it would be up to him whether or not we could visit (I imagine).

dan9el | Student

Hello everyone;

Please consider this , if you will;

If it is conceived it does exist;- I (anyone) do not necesarily to experience it within the next five minutes  in the next corner or hear about it, a week from now,...and that vey well may go to anyone with open mind ...but some where, somehow, at some moment has to be (what has been conceived) in this multi-dimentional megalitic universe.

Here is the thing, we are here, and we know and understand some things about where we are,...but still is so small our knowledge,...and so it is logical to think that there is much, much more out there - everywhere - for all that exists is not only what we can see, touch, feel,... think we do understand.

Things that we cannot see before us now,... or never during our life time, still are there. Some how it seems we 'sense' them .

There are no 'impossibles' , is more correct perhaps to say ;- "there are possible 'impossibilities'.

There are billion of things in this universe we can do, have , and be,...there are another billion of things we cannot be, have, or do,....but the unilverse is multi-vast megalitic dimentional.... we know( think we know) only a very small portion.

 So, it is not a matter of impossibles,.... is a matter of BALANCE!.

Have good day everyone,

Sincerely and respectfully,